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Board Job Descriptions

  • Schedule, create agenda for, and preside over Board Meetings and Chapter meetings.
  • Ensure the achievement of the current Chapter objectives and the development of long-range plans by coordinating, monitoring, and coaching the performance of Chapter officers.
  • Authorize all expenditures in excess of approved budgets.
  • Act as the liaison for the Chapter on all regional and association related affairs required to maintain our affiliate status of the Association for Talent Development.


Detailed Description

  • Coordinate the development of long-range Chapter plans.
  • Assist the president in performance of management duties.
  • Provide leadership in the absence of the president.
  • Become familiar with the Chapter's operating structure.

Past President

Detailed Description

  • Maintain the Chapter's history
  • Assist the Board on special projects.
  • Provides continuity and advice to the Board, especially the President and the President-Elect.

VP - Administration

  • Conduct, record, and disseminate all matters of decision made by the Board. 
  • Maintain and update Chapter leadership rosters.
  • Documents as well as record minutes of meetings. 
  • Maintain archives of previous meeting minutes.

VP - Conferences

Detailed Description

  • Plan and implement annual conference
  • Identify and select speakers for conference
  • Work with Marketing to identify conference theme, branding, promote conference

VP - Finance 

Detailed Description

  • Ensure the Chapter's sound financial status. 
  • Maintain accurate financial records.
  • Advise the Board on fiscal policy.
  • Collect and be custodian of all funds.
  • Render to the membership an annual report on all financial transactions.

VP - Marketing & Communications

Detailed Description

  • Market and promote ATD Chapter benefits to individuals and corporations for the purpose of growing the membership.
  • Create and distribute press releases.
  • Prepare and execute the Chapter marketing, communication, and social media engagement plans.
  • Publish newsworthy Board and Chapter activities through social media outlets and any other similar technology utilized by the Chapter.

VP - Membership

Detailed Description

  • Recruit new National and Chapter members from the private and public sectors.
  • Retain and provide membership services to members.
  • Serve as custodian of all membership records.
  • Support Special Interest Groups (SIG).

VP - Programs

Detailed Description

  • Develop program goals to meet Chapter needs.
  • Arrange programs for Chapter meetings.
  • Identify relevant topics and qualified speakers for membership meeting presentations.
  • Create and distribute meeting notices.

VP - Sponsorship

  • Build and maintain partnerships with sponsors, in-kind partners, other Middle Tennessee associations, and ATD chapters. 
  • Reach out to potential sponsors and partners, maintain relationships with existing partners and sponsors, and ensure timely fulfillment of sponsorship agreements.
  • Consult with the Programming, committee on securing sponsorship (e.g., funding and venue) for chapter and SIG events
  • Ensure communication with the community through an active sponsorship program.

VP - Technology

Detailed Description

  • Serve as webmaster on local Chapter website.
  • Maintain the local Chapter website.
  • Provide assistance with any other technology utilized by the Chapter.

VP - University Relations

Detailed Description

  • Manage and promotes student engagement within the chapter
  • Develop and execute initiatives such as an internship program, college outreach efforts, and student special interest groups 
  • Serve as a liaison between local educational institutions and the chapter  
  • Encourage local academia to participate in ATD Higher Education community


  • Assist the Board on special projects or assignments as needed
  • Assist other Board Members in the performance of their duties as needed
  • Assist in vacant VP positions as is possible
  • Act as an ambassador for the organization in the community, promoting its work and building relationships with stakeholders
  • Participate in board meetings and contribute to discussions and decision-making processes
  • Stay informed about the organization's mission, programs, and services
  • Provide input on long-term planning 

Click here to view the board members that fulfill these roles.

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